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Poor Posture Can Cause Fatigue

Many of us sit for ours in front of a computer at a desk and in an office.  How many of us do not think about our posture as we are so busy meeting deadlines.  By the end of the working day we are tired, eyes may ache, back aches, and we may even have a headache.


Yoga can help.


When the body slouches forward and poor posture sets in, the bones are improperly aligned and muscles joints and ligaments take more stress and strain than intended.  Poor posture can also cause fatigue, muscular strain compression of blood vessels and pain.  In addition the position and function of major organs can be affected.  High-heeled shoes, boots, tight clothing and wide belts also shift the body’s centre of gravity and natural body alignment.


To correct your postural problems can be alleviated through Yoga and learning to have more awareness of the body; and through the system of posture [asana] work with awareness of the breath your flexibility will improve and so will your posture and muscles will be strengthened.  Try not to slouch even when standing.  Hold your shoulders back and lift you head as if there was an imaginary cord coming from the top of your head.  You will notice a difference immediately and this will in time aid your confidence.


Office don’ts


·       Don’t slouch your shoulders

·       Don’t allow your back to curve

·       Don’t drop your head to the phone

·       Don’t cross your legs


Office dos


·       Do sit with an elongated spine with head poised

·       Do keep feet flat on the floor

·       Do raise the phone to your head

·       Do keep your shoulders open


Office remember



·       Check into your body during the day and stretch the arms above your head

·       Bring your shoulders to your ears and leg go

·       When taking a comfort break walk with awareness in the present moment, do not rush

·       Sip water say every 30 mins or so, a little often keeps  you hydrated