"Thank you for a very enjoyable yoga session and of course it was perfect as it was no need to do things better! I am not usually free on a Tuesday night but I wanted to see how you do things and as I expected you delivered a very good class in your usual friendly down to earth style." -- [RH]
"Yoga is a gentle way to exercise and relax. I first started yoga 6years ago when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and in so much pain that I was unable to do any other form of exercise. I truly believe regular yoga practice has greatly improved my overall feeling of wellbeing and helped me to keep my Crohn's under control. I now look forward each week to the relaxation I get from my yoga practice and without it, I soon start to feel life'stensions returning." -- [AD]

"Abhaya is a truly inspirational person. She takes a genuine interest in her students and tailors her classes to suit their needs.  From the outset she makes you feel welcome and yoga practice fun." -- [SRD]

So friendly and informal. I felt like I fitted in straight away" --[LD-K]

"Yoga helped me find some perspective during a very negative period.  My first session was cathartic, and (very gently) gave me an emotional release. "  -- {LP]

"Your classes are very nurturing and nourishing.  A very safe and protective environment allowing me to work through with kind support from yourself and the rest of the class. " -- {LP]

"Yoga helped me to reconnect with myself through a combination of gentle physical excercise and relaxation.  Subtle at the time, but cumulatively powerful" -- {LP]

"Going to yoga on weekly basis has helped me enormously. I have problems with anxiety and mild panic attacks and Abhaya has helped me to relax more with the techniques that she teaches. Due to her sensitivity and patience, I have now started to feel more relaxed and comfortable within the group and with myself thanks to Abhaya.    

As a bonus, she has also taught me to be not too bad at yoga either!"-- {KP]